Radio Interview

My Mom and Me Radio Show, hear from wowed clients how Joe Paul Designs made their dream home come true!


Linda Blue - "I cannot visualize. It’s that simple. People say, 'Oh, let’s paint that room! Won’t it look lovely?' I stand there amazed that anyone can even imagine what a room would like if it were a different color! It is clearly not my gift. Then I met Joe Paul.

Our house project literally was to add a bathroom to our finished basement. That project eventually turned into a full-scale, total remodel that increased our house size by triple. We could not have accomplished this undertaking without the help of Joe Paul Designs. I am thoroughly convinced of that!

Joe Paul came into our lives and discovered how we live. He wanted to know our lifestyle and what we did upon awakening on Sunday mornings. He got to know our teenage girls and asked about things they enjoyed doing with their friends. Joe Paul took notes on the way we dressed, our casual lifestyle, our likes and dislikes, and the fact husband and wife agreed on very little!
Not much to do with building a house you might say? Well, we now have a home that completely suits us… that cries for teenage use… and yet welcomes each guest to plop down, put up their feet, and never leave!

With his use of color blocking and space planning, Joe Paul visualizes walls and ceilings in a way that would never enter my mind. He sees them as ‘chunks’, blocks – not a wall that intersects a ceiling. Each ‘block’ means something and says something to him. Much as I tried to understand his vision, my lack of creativity got in the way. As he clearly and confidently brought our home into a cohesive and beautiful work of art, I began to see how brilliantly he has mastered his God-given craft!

With his easy and gentle manner, Joe Paul takes control of the design process of a home. He deals masterfully with the tradesmen, vendors, and builders, making sure his clients are treated with respect and that their wishes are followed to a tee. Looking back, the stress that Joe Paul Designs removed from our lives during this 18 month remodel is immeasurable. His fee more than pays for itself in the savings he passes along to his clients and the headaches he does not allow us to have!

Would I recommend Joe Paul Designs LLC? You bet! I might even stand on a soapbox at any given street corner waving a flag and yelling, “You need Joe Paul! You need Joe Paul Designs!” You may not know it… you may not see the value in it… but I can assure you, I will never do another project without the help of Joe Paul and his staff at Joe Paul Designs LLC! In the spirit of the upcoming Winter Olympics… the Blue family gives him a rousing 10!


John and Laura Manera - "It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Joe Paul Bingham of Joe Paul Designs, LLC. Joe Paul was recommended to us by Matthew Becker of Timberland Construction who was doing a major renovation of our kitchen. We began with the kitchen and have since moved on to the great room, entry area, and bathroom.

Joe Paul spent time getting to know us and took into consideration our lifestyle, how we wanted the house to look, and how our family spent time in the rooms. He is a wonderful teacher. He has taught us about making color selections and building on them, and trying new things to give our room that special look. He did not try to impose his professional style on us; however, he did tactfully try to open our horizons. We are thankful that he did.

Joe Paul has an amazing talent in that he can coordinate different rooms at the same time and can see how a finished project will look while it is still in progress. He skillfully combines his creative talents with strong design skills and sound business practices. Joe Paul has a positive and enthusiastic attitude about his work. He is always on time for appointments whether at our home or at a store. He is prompt in returning our calls and following up on the progress of a project.

It has been a joy working with Joe Paul Bingham and we can highly recommend him for any interior designing project."


Jacki Macciomale and Gini Laur, Cisio Title Company - "Thank you for the wonderful job you did with our office. Your ideas were exceptional - the colors are great, the artwork is beautiful, and the accessories are perfect! Your experience & professionalism truly shines through. We would definitely recommend your firm to anyone in need of design services. You have really made our work space enjoyable!


Carol & Jeff Powers, Residence on Coconut Court - "Joe Paul has a gift. From the first moment he stepped into our home he had a vision and a plan for us. The beauty and warmth of our redesigned home far exceeded our expectations. Having him responsible for our project was the best home improvement decision we made.
He truly does whatever it takes to put the client first. His service is a great value."


Nicholas Mihailoff, The Wedding Chapel at Historic Oak Park - "Some time ago I purchased a state historic site in the shape of an old abandoned church . My intention was to renovate it and open a one-of-a-kind wedding chapel. To make this happen required consummate professionals from across Southeast Michigan.
As we undertook the interior renovations, I had the unique opportunity to meet Joe Paul. His vision for color brought a fresh new life to an otherwise dim facility, the purposeful way in which he drew colors from the stained glass windows into the sanctuary, contrasted the hand carved oak, accented antique chandeliers and the subtle touches of expression felt in hallways and stairwells has breathed new life into our pride and joy. Whether you're restoring a 27,000-square-foot, 96-year-old neo gothic architectural gem, or the place that you call home, look no further than the creative expressions of Joe Paul Designs! Always gratified, and reminded of what a gifted interior designer can accomplish..."


Harland Congdon - "I present to you the Academy Award for Design and Remodel process. You got my vote! Wow I can't say anything more. You're the best of the best. Thank you so very much."


Javier and Alicia Morales - "We had a strong desire to convert our basement from berber carpet, florescent lighting and neutral colors to something warm and inviting. After discussing it with friends we were still uncertain of what to do. A friend introduced us to Joe Paul of Joe Paul Designs LLC. and the space has been transformed to a beautiful lower level. The experience was great. Joe Paul took time to get to know us and get an understanding of our likes and dislikes as well as how we wanted to use the space.
He was flexible with his ideas and we was able to be involved as much or as little as we liked and he was very considerate of cost. Joe Paul loves his work and is not satisfied unless his client is satisfied. We would highly recommend Joe Paul Designs LLC. to anyone interested in the services of a designer."


Dr. Jeff & Tracy Bundy -"After buying 14 acres to build our dream home on, we started the process of selecting a home design. Unsure of our architectural needs, we engaged Joe Paul Designs to help with overseeing our project. From meeting with us on site to select our home location, to attending contractor meetings to insure our design concepts were carried out. Joe Paul Designs LLC. has been an integral part of our home design. My wife especially enjoyed the personal service like Joe Paul going shopping with her for appliances, furniture, fixtures, etc. and ideas for household items. We have been truly happy with the design concepts and help we have received from Joe Paul Designs LLC."